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Duo-550 swingblade sawmill

Woodlandia Duo-550 is bidirectional, dual-blade, swingblade type sawmill for big logs. It is good tool for sawing of huge softwood and hardwood logs into dimensional lumber and radial boards of standard and custom sizes.

Max standard log length: 6.5m (21ft)

Woodlandia Duo-550 is 
2 circular blades
swingblade type 
sawmill for big logs. 

It is reliable & powerful, 
circular sawmill
with outstanding features for its price, 
able to mill
up to 15 m3 (6000 fbm)
per workshift

Max log butt diameter: 1m (40")

An Operator has full control of all
movements of the machine.
Also the sawmill can work 
in semi-automatic mode

2 circular blades 
1 can work 
as in vertical as well as
in horizontal planes (swingblade type)

2 integrated laser pointers 
for better precision


Max horizontal cut: 410mm (16")
Max vertical cut: 205mm (8")


Safety and reliability 
120x120mm thick frame

Integrated blade sharpener
working in both planes:
vertical and horizontal

From 6x6 mm to 205x205mm
(¼ x ¼" - 8x8")
without log rotation

Duo-550 can mill sqared cants
from 250x250 to 400x400mm
( 10x10" - 16x16")
(log rotation required)

Duo-550 allows hi-precission, 
wide range of possible profiles

can mill radial lumber effectively




Options (extra)

  • 2.5m (8ft) long base frame section to extend the length of the frame
  • Trailer based frame (a frame on a wheels = mobile version)
  • Hydraulic log loader
  • Log turning device + hydraulic log clamps/stoppers
  • ULC/CSA certification







Max log diameter the mill can accommodate



Max log length (standard frame without extentions) 21 ft 6.5m
Max diameter of the saw blades 21½” 550 mm
Max sawing capability by one blade


205 mm
Kerf (saw cut) width (depending on a saw blade used) 0.18-0.24” 4.5 - 6 mm
Productivity per 8-hour workshift up to 6000 fbm 15 m3
Max sawn timber without log turning (WxH) 16 x 8" 410 x 205 mm
Power of the sawing motors (3000 rpm) 2 x 25 HP 2 x 18.5 KW

Power requirements (European)
ULC/CSA certification is extra

Can work with 460V
without modifications

~3 phase,

Environment -13 .. +104 F -25…+40 C
Dimensions (standard configuration) 33 x 7 x 7 ft 10 x 2 x 2 m


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Here is  video (5 min) of the Duo-550



More pictures

Click on a image of interest to enlarge it...

Duo-550 sawmill standard components

Duo-550 mills 150x150mm (6x6")

Duo-550 mills 150x50mm (2x6")


Duo-550 sawmill is capable to retrieve
good lumber from badly shaped logs



Duo-550 sawmill mills
200x200mm (8x8")


Duo-550 can automatically
reposition the sawblades  


Duo-550 can mill slabs or 2-sided boards
up to 410mm (16") wide


3 person are recommended for Duo-550:
1 operator and 2 helpers to move the lumber



Even novice can mill lumber on Duo-550 
thanks to intiotive control panel

Duo-550 swingblade
(manual swing.
Automatical swing is optional)


Standard dimensions as well as custom
lumber can be milled on Duo-550 



Please,  if interested