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NM-2 Log notching machine

NM-2 is ready to use log notching machine intended for milling of round notches in house logs

  • Woodlandia log notcher NM-2 is produced in two variations:
    • with hydraulic log clamp and moving carriage drive (NM-2H)
    • with manual log clamp and electric moving carriage drive (NM-2)
  • NM-2 is stationary heavy duty machine intended to work with MultiLog production line



NM-2H log notching machine
NM-2 log notcherNM-2H log notching machine

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NM-2 Specification

Max log diameter12.5"320mmBy special order this can be increased to 15.75" (400mm)
Min Log diameter6.25"160mm By special order: 4.75" (120mm)
Min log length23.5"600mm 
Power of milling motor10HP7.5KW 
Rotations per minute 2000 
Power of hydraulic station4HP3KWNM-2H only
Pressure , kgs/cm2 30-35NM-2H only. The machine has hydraulic log clamp.
Two carriages with cutter heads are driven by hydraulic cylinders.
Power of carriage drive motor2HP1.5KWNM-2 only
Milling head linear speed adjustable 
Weight1433 lb650 kg 





NM-2 machines are made in Russia and supplied with 380V/50Hz motors. By special order the 470V/60Hz motors can be installed on the NM-2.

  • To review price list for Woodlandia' machines of MultiLog series including NM-2, click here
  • Woodlandia accepts payments in USD & Canadian dollars (CAD) only. Please inquire about exact cost in CAD since Canadian dollar is subject to change due to fluctuations of USD/CAD exchange rate. Price in Canadian Dollars will be determined basing on buying USD rate defined by TD Canada Trust Bank
  • one 4 knives cutter head for range: 6 - 12.5" (160-320mm) is included
  • 100% advanced payment is required





  • Shipping, packaging and handling is extra (pickup is available)
  • Leasing is available for 2, 3, 4 and 5 years terms. Each lease quotation will vary based on several factors, including the credit rating of the applicant
  • Buyers outside of Canada are responsible for custom clearance


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