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Arunda dovetail system

Arunda is a Swiss made system that allows carpertners to produce manually roof-frame and timber-frame assemblies using dovetail joints


Woodlandia - Arunda project

Since 2008 Woodlandia is partnering with Arunda-Patrick Burli (Switzerland) to bring to North American log home builders and timber framers wonderful Arunda's dovetail tools.

Arunda is a Swiss made system that allows to produce manually roof-frame assemblies using dovetail joints. It has been granted an international patent and was designed for a simple and efficient use.

The Arunda system was developed in Switzerland too by wood building professionals and tool manufacturers. 


To watch Arunda demo video in new window please click here...


What can I do with Arunda?


Joists & Beams

Post & Beam elements

Rafters & roof system

Other conenctions

Joist or beam on  springer
Joist or beam on springer
Post & Beams

post n beam 01

Rafter on squared ridge

Rafter on squared ridge

Butt-n-pass corner connection
Butt-n-pass corner connection

Joist or beam on springer
Joist or beam on springer offset
Post & Beams

post n beam 02

Rafter on chamfered ridge
Rafter on chamfered ridge

Corner connection


Corner connection

Joist on springer at 90°, 45°
or any other angle
Joist on springer at 90°, 45° or any other
Springer on stopped post
Springer on stopped post

Rafter on plate

Rafter on plate

Butt-to-butt connection

Butt-to-butt connection

Springer on through post

Springer on through post
Rafter to rafter

Rafter to rafter
Timber truss


What does Arunda consist of?  

  • Arunda system uses one pair of jigs (one for the tail and one for the pin), a heavy-duty router, a special dovetail bit and a few accessories. 
  • There are 4 models of Arunda jigs (there were 5 models till 2012)
  • There are 2 types of Arunda systems produced:


Arunda system Type-B
with fixed fences (stoppers)

Arunda system Type-N
with tilting fences (stoppers)

These "A" jigs with square fences and adjustable height are intended for making all right-angle joints, namely straight or angled joists on a stringer. Although not as convenient as with the tilting fence model, it is possible to create angled joints such as rafter-ends on the ridge beam using the "A" jigs. They are made out of solid steel and are particularly resistant. "S" jigs are fitted with sliding fences that can be tilted up to 50° in either direction. They can be used for all kinds of assemblies, whether perpendicular or angled. They are especially helpful in building roof systems which require milling dovetails on angle cuts, such as the joints on a chamfered ridge beam. The sliding fences can be adjusted to the exact roof pitch required.

Woodlandia-Arunda in use p01

 Woodlandia-Arunda system with tilting fences p01


There are 4 models of Arnda systems, each model works for its range of timbers

         (till 2012 there were 5 models of jigs available)

Min and max possible connections

5 timber sizes Min and max timber sizes


What about resistance of the assemblies?


This data can be used by you or your engineer to calculate working loads of your timber-frame or roof-assembly.


Table of timber widths and working loads by jig model (inches)
(click on the table to enlarge)

Table of timber widths and working loads (inches)


What are Arunda's benefits?



    Arunda dovetail

      Fast implementation of the timber frame assemblies : 8 to 18 mortise/tenon joints per hour.


      The vertical mortise and tenon dovetail assembly is very fast and easy. No need to spread the beams to insert tenons, as with straight tenons.


      The conical shape of the dovetail joint is self-tightening: The male and female parts fit perfectly and hold together. The tightening strength of the assembly can be modified and adapted to the nature of the wood (dry gluelam or solid wood).


      You can produce perpendicular or angled joints.


      Usable on a wide range of timber widths. No limitation for beams to be mortised.


      Identical router bit setting to cut both mortise and tenon, for all beams in the same series.


      An authentically timber framed roof assembly.


      Workloads are very high: up to 3745 lbs (1700 kg) per joint.


      Jigs are just as easy to use in the workshop as on the job site.


      A low-cost replacement for metal connectors, which are expensive and take longer to implement. With Arunda, you make a one long term investment. The system is available anytime to produce joints of several sizes.


What was built using Arunda?


Please review following slideshow (just press PLAY button)


To download extended version of the presentation with more than 20 pictures in PDF file click here...


Can I use my own router with Arunda system? 


By default Arunda is intended to work with either:

  • Mafell LO65Ec (2600W) router. This powerful Gemran made 3HP unit for professionals costs about US$1100-1300.
  • FESTOOL OF-2200 EB
  • SCHEER HM25 (HM18)


Extra option from Woodlandia only

Woodlandia makes special adapter for more economically priced Freud 3¼HP router (about US$300.00, made in Spain).


Theoretically one can make an adapter for his own router of other brands but this can require extra time, efforts and expences.


How much does it cost and how to buy Arunda?

  •  Here is Woodlandia-Arunda price list available for download, please review it...
  • Once you've chosen a model(s) of Arunda system please contact us and place an order
  • Woodlandia will send you an invoice for your system
  • We require advanced payment in full
  • Delivery term: 1 week if in stock in Ontario, Canada. 3-4 weeks if not in stock (delivered from Europe)


Other useful information to read 


Original Arunda web-site:
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Arunda user operational manuals in En, Fr, Ru



Still have questions? Please contact us...