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Woodlandia products

Machine  Brief description

Log pass-trough



LogRipper is a family of sawmills for primary wood breakdwon.
The family includes 4 models intended for different sizes of input logs. These are:
LogRipper-160X, 200 - for small and short logs
All machines are able to change the distance between the sawing blades dynamically. 

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Log Lathing Machines


Log Lathe systems for Log Home builders and value-added manufacturers

Woodlandia offers several options for smaller and larger businesses:

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Multifunctional sawmills:
RLM-320MF, RLM-260, 
RLM-200, RLM-160


Rotary Log Mills (Moulders)

RLM stands for Rotary Log Mill or Rotary Log Moulder. These machines have 1 rotary type milling cutter head for log rounding and 2 to 5 (depending on a model) milling spindles, which can be used for profiling and some for multi-rip sawing of logs. 
RLM machines are log pass-through type of mills which can process barked raw logs into profiled house logs or timbers in one pass with feeding speed from 3 to 26 ft/min (1-8 m/min). 
RLM machines are heavy duty equipment able to work 24/7/365 in rough conditions of northern regions.

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Log Rounders

Log rounding machines 

The machines are intended to mill stems into perfectly round dowels, poles and posts.
The machines mill iogs in one pass with speed from 19½; to 39 ft/min ( 6 to 12 m/min)

If required pole pointing machine can be supplied.

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sawmills for small
and medium pulpwood

Log pass-through "multiple-blade" rip-sawing machine 

These multiple blade log rip-sawing machines intended for milling of dimensional or custom lumber from softwood and hardwood barked or debarked, dry or "green" stems and pulpwood.
The troughput of the machines from 12 to 40 ft/min (4 - 12 m/min)

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Custom made
Log Home
Manufacturing Equipment:

Log Notchers

Log cross-cut saws


Log mortising machines

Log Drills
Roll tables
Log decks



Log Home Manufacturing Lines

  • The RoundMaster® is a complex of machines for the manufacturing of house logs of round profile with lengthwise Swedish cope and roud notches 
  • MultiLog® is a house logs production line based on Woodlandia RLM® log moulder