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Log Peelers of CLP series

Automated Log Peeling Machine CLP-1 emulates drawknife peeling process of hand crafted log home industry

Woodlandia has been removed from this project
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If you are intetested in Log Lathes for log home manufacturing please consider LL-123, LL-41.600, LL-700




General info

CLP-machines are intended for log home builders, utility pole makers, log traders. The machines debark/peel dry or "green" logs, emulating draw-knife peeling process performed by man. The machines use the technology which have been proposed by Mr. Robert W. Chambers (USA) who is a log home builder, renowned writer and innovator.

In 2015 Woodlandia made scaled down propotype of the peeling/cutting units of the machine for research, experimental and testing purposes. Research & development phase proved the concept and let Woodlandia gain vakuable knowledge and experiene.

The video of prototype peeling unit and model of the full-scale CLP-1machine is available on our  channel (click on  icon to review it). The results of the CLP peeling have been presented on 2015 ILBA (International Log Builders Association) conference in Monte Bello, Quebeq, Canada. Woodlandia is ready to accept orders for the full scale machine.

Here are technical and marketing data for your review.


Main features of the Log Peeler CLP

  • Robust heavy duty design
  • Shipped in preassembled modules to safe on delivery
  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • Debarking & Peeling can be done in manual, automated or semi-automated modes
  • Two-directional debarking knives (up to 6 ft/sec or 2 m/sec)
  • Two-directional peeling knives (up to 6 ft/sec or 2 m/sec)
  • Easy to learn one man operation
  • Operate can save multiple setting for multiple cases of peeling
  • Wireless remote control ("video game"-like )



Few reasons to buy CLP for your business:

1. Increase time for living, building or contacting with customers instead of peeling logs

2. Decrease dependency on unreliable labour 
3. Promote your people to better positions
4. Eliminate hard physical labour
5. Increase profitability of your business
6. The machine pays for itself pretty quicly


Min log length: 2.5m = 8.2 ft
Max log length: 13m = 42.65 ft
Min log diameter: 180mm = 7.25"
Max log diameter: 800mm = 31.5"

Power requirements:
~3 phase, 230V, 60Hz (Canada & USA)
~3 phase, 220V, 50Hz (Europe & Australia)


Productivity / Output 

Output depends on:

  • Log species (Pine, Cedar, Spruce, Lurch, Douglas Fir)
  • Log crookedness (it is faster to peel straighter logs)
  • Number of knots and branch remainings
  • Skills of operator 
  • Organizational proficiency of the production process 

In average one can expect following "throughput":

  • "Difficult" or very knotty,  logs: 24ft/h (7m/h)
  • Average logs: 40ft/h (12m/h)
  • Nice straight logs: over 50ft/h (15m/h)

Manufacturing & Shipping

The prototype version of Log Peeling Machine CLP-1 has been designed in Canada by Woodlandia Corp. The parts of the machine are manufactured in USA, Canada, Japan and China. The CLP-1 machine is shipped as a kit. The owner of the machine is expected to be mechanically inclined to assemble the machine accordingly to provided assembling manual.



The machine is named after Mr. Robert W. Chambers (USA) who is a log home builder, renowned writer and innovator who makes a significant impact onto the industry promoting the art of handcrafted log home building. Woodlandia expresses a big gratitude to Mr. Chambers for invaluable help as an independed adviser, consultant and attester. 




  • Please inquire for our price lists ( click here )
  • We accept: USD, CAD, EURO
  • For delivery quotation contact us please inquire (postal or ZIP code of a destination is required). Delivery oversea may require 20ft sea container. 
  • Please allow 6 months for manufacturing and delivery (depends on our workload)
  • 12 months Limited warranty (parts only) covering bearings, electrical components, motors is provided.