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RoundMaster solutions

What is RoundMaster? What is purpose of RoundMaster?


RoundMaster-1 img 01

  • The RoundMaster is a complex of machines for the manufacturing of house logs of round profile with lengthwise Swedish cope.
  • In conjunction with log lathe LL-41, the RoundMaster is the solution for the optimizing of the production process, increasing of productivity and adding of more variations to milled log home designs.
  • The RoundMaster is an efficient solution for small and medium size business where full automation is not required.
  • The RoundMaster production line should work simultaneously with the log lathe or log profiling machine.


Benefits of RoundMaster


Working simultaneously with one, two or even three log lathes LL-41, RoundMaster allows speed up house logs production because time-expensive notching operations are made efficiently on dedicated notch making machine (RoundMaster line) in parallel with log turning, grooving and kerfing.
  • On average, in comparison with a similar configuration without RoundMaster, use of the RoundMaster allows to gain:
    • about 25% of production time
    • about 35% in productivity
    • 1-4% of cost (this number was calculated basing on average wage rate = $30/h, in areas where rate is less than $30/h cost effectiveness of the RoundMaster will be proportionally much more than 4%)
  • The RoundMaster can help to increase productivity of a log home manufacturing enterprise by paralleling of log processing operations.
  • Productivity increase is achieved because dedicated notch making machine works in parallel with one, two or three log lathes.
  • The RoundMaster can work alongside with log profiling machine or other log lathe.
  • The RoundMaster allows increased variations of log home designs because the dedicated notcher NM-1 is able to mill notches in different angles.
  • The RoundMaster can be a good choice for those who need economical log home manufacturing solution



What does RoundMaster consist of?  What are its functions?

 RoundMaster operations

RoundMaster consists of:

  •  1 log cross-cut machine LT-1
  •  1 log notching machine NM-1
  •  1 log mortising machine LJ-1
  •  set of roll tables (total 16m in length) for easy log transportation and manipulation

Optional: log decks, conveyors 



Examples for RoundMaster based solutions


Click here to learn more about RoundMaster® (this may take half to 5 minutes to load the presentation).

1 RoundMaster manufacturing complex can work simultaneously with up to 3 log lathes LL-41.

  • RoundMaster-1 consists of RoundMaster manufacturing complex + 1 log lathe LL-41
  • RoundMaster-2 consists of RoundMaster manufacturing complex + 2 log lathes LL-41
  • RoundMaster-3 consists of RoundMaster manufacturing complex + 3 log lathes LL-41



RoundMaster-1: Simple layout


This is an example of most simplest RoundMaster solution. Logs are moved to/from the log lathe by forklift. Such concept can be used when minimum $$$-amount should be invested into infrastructure and/or quickest manufacturing start is required.


RoundMaster-1 Simple layout example pic 01.01 RM-1 Simple layout example pic 01.02

RoundMaster-1: real life example in pictures

RoundMaster-1 JM pic-01 RoundMaster-1 JM pic-02
RoundMaster-1 JM pic-03 RoundMaster-1 JM pic-04

 click on the picture to enlarge


RoundMaster-1: example with log conveyor


  • This solution requires a custom made log transporting conveyor system in order to move raw logs from “in-feed” log deck to log lathe station.
  • Then using the same transporting system, turned logs can be delivered to intermediate collector.
  • Next the log is directed to RoundMaster line.

RM-1 layout example with log conveyor pic01 RM-1 layout example with log conveyor pic03

click on the picture to enlarge


RoundMaster-2: example with rail cart log transporting system


  • Sorted by diameter logs are delivered to “in-feed” log decks (each log lathe has a dedicated in-feed log deck). Then one log is moved to a rail-way cart and the cart delivers the log to log lathe station. The log is setup on the lathe using manual or motorized chain hoist device. The cart is directed to in-feed log deck for loading of next log. Loading of the log to the cart can be done simultaneously with log turning process by helper.
  • After processing of the log, it is moved to other rail-way cart which delivers the log to intermediate log collector. The operator of the RoundMaster line takes logs from the collector and moves them on roll-tables to log trimming station, and if necessary to notching and log mortising stations. The finished log is labeled and moved to “out-feed” log deck.
  • Optionally logs can go through spraying system for chemical treatment. From there logs are directed to log assembling yard or to warehouse.


RM-2 layout idea with rail cart system pic-10 RM-2 layout idea with rail cart system pic-08
RM-2 layout idea with rail cart system pic-09
RM-2 layout idea with rail cart system pic-01

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RoundMaster-3: real life example in pictures


RM-3 layout example pic 01 RM-3 layput example pic 02
RM-3 Layout example pic 03
RM-3 Layout example pic 04

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Log works made on RoundMaster-3

Please contact us if you are interesting in these solutions