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MultiLog® Solutions

What is MultiLog® ? What is it intended for?


  • MultiLog® is a name of house logs production line based on Woodlandia RLM® log moulder (click here to learn about RLM machines)
  • MultiLog® based solutions are for medium and big businesses with established infrastructure and sales network
  • MultiLog® is intended for manufacturing of house logs for log homes and other wooden structures;
  • There are several variations which are belong to same MultiLog® concept:
    • MultiLog®-1: basic production line
    • MultiLog®-2: similar to previous one but has extended production capacity



Examples of MultiLog lines


Click on the icon just below to overview video of other MultiLog-1 line...

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MultiLog®-1 layout 

One of possible layouts for MultiLog®-1 configuration is presented below. This is basic configuration and it can be used by most companies “as is” or customized accordingly to particular Customer requirements.


Required personnel

  • Economical variant (less efficient): 2 persons who will work 1st to bring logs to in-feed log deck, 2nd to mill logs on RLM machine, 3rd to mill notches 4th to remove ready house logs from out-feed log deck.
  • Optimal variant: 5 persons:
      • 1 person to bring/remove logs
      • 2 persons on RLM machine
      • 2 persons on post-production line


Woodlandia MultiLog-1 layout idea 1.1

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  • Total length of roll-tables can vary. It depends on average log length which will be used in the manufacturing as well as on particular layout design.
  • Cost of equipment can be found from recent Woodlandia' price list.
  • Other layout variations of MultiLog®-1 can be designed to suit better each particular Customer' case or requirements. Layout design can depend on facility, infrastructure and other circumstances.




MultiLog®-2 layout


  • This configuration is “next step” after MultiLog®-1.
  • MultiLog®-2 is for those companies who already have MultiLog®-1 and need to extend its throughput.
  • Workflow of MultiLog®-2 is similar to workflow of MultiLog®-2. Logs milled by RLM machine are distributed between two post-processing lines. Such parallel work will ensure smooth and uninterpretable work of RLM machine.
  • Required personnel: 7-8 persons.


MultiLog-2 layout example 01


How does MultiLog® based solution benefit log home kit manufacturing enterprise?


  • MultiLog® based solution is high productive house logs manufacturing system able to produce up to 5000 linear feet (1500 ln m) house logs per 8 hours work shift;
  • MultiLog® based solutions allow variety of log profiles (round, squarish, bevel-edged and their variations) with cope or tong-n-groove;
  • There is possibility to mill log siding, lumber and cants;
  • RLM log molder will turn green or dry timbers into nice building material in one path
  • Easy controllable, semi-automatic functionality allow higher productivity and less human errors;
  • Easy maintenance and technical servicing;
  • Simple tool replacement;
  • High level of operator protection
  • Robust & reliable
  • Economically priced solutions of this level of productivity



Need more detailed information?


Please contact us, we will provide you with document describing MultiLog system work flow and DVD demonstrating MultiLog-1 system in work on real log home kit manufacturing facility.

Please, serious inquiries only.