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Description of Woodlandia log lathe LL-41


LL-41 presented here is DISCONTINUED lathe model. Since 2016 Woodlandia offers few new Log Lathing machines or log home milling centres which exceed technical parameters, specs, performance and operability of older LL-41, they are:

Machine code  Brief description

model of 2016


  • 4 operations on log: Turning/rounding, grooving, notching, kerfing. All operations can be performed in automatic, semiautomatic or manual modes
  • Max log butt diameter = 24" (600mm)
  • Max finished log diameter = 22" (560mm)
  • Max Swedish Cope & notching diameter = 14" (360mm)
  • Standard log length: 27' (8m), it can be prolonged by 8ft (2.5m) sections.

The machine is shipped as a machine kit, owner is expected to assemble and setup the machine accordingly to provided assembling manual. 
Click here for more information about this machine...



  • 3 operations on log: Turning/rounding, grooving, kerfing. All operations can be performed in automatic, semiautomatic or manual modes
  • Separate log notching machine with optional integrated cut-off saw and surrounding roll tables is optional
  • Max log butt diameter = 27" (700mm)
  • Max finished log diameter = 24" (600mm)
  • Max Swedish Cope diameter = 20" (500mm)
  • Standard log length: 32' (10m), it can be prolonged by 8ft (2.5m) sections.

The machine is shipped as a machine kit, owner is expected to assemble and setup the machine accordingly to provided assembling manual. 
Click here for more information about this machine...


What is LL-41 machine?

log lathe LL-41

Woodlandia LL-41 machine is a log lathe or log turning mill for the production of house logs for log home shells or other purposes. The machine is able to perform four essential operations on the log: 
  • Turning (turn the raw barked or debarker, dry or "green" logs into cylindrically shaped dowels)
  • Swedish cope (lateral groove of "C"-shape),
  • Notching (round notch)
  • Kerfing (lengthwise sawcut to release internal stresses of the stem).



The LL-41 log lathe can accommodate raw logs with diameters up to 19½ inches (500mm). In standard configuration this log rounding machine produces cylindrical log with diameter from 6 to 18 inches (160 - 460 mm). Also the lathe can mill round notch and Swedish cope for diameters from 6¼  to 12½ inches (160 - 320 mm).

Please note: LL-41 machine is delivered as a LOG LATHE KIT. The assembling is required at owner's site (assembling manual is provided). 


Who may need the LL-41 machine?

  • Small and medium size businesses working in milled log home industry as Woodlandia LL-41 log turning machine is effective solution for them. To review solutions based on LL-41 click here.
  • Startup businesses intending to produce & build "milled log homes" as LL-41 log lathe is the only machine of its class capable to do produce house logs efectivelly and still priced economically. 
  • Some sawmills can benefit having the log lathe LL-41 to fulfil orders for custom round logs for log accent, decoration, porches, log-trusses, etc.
  • Communities or cooperatives who work on economical housing projects
  • First Nation communities to provide a affordable housing and create a new jobs


Why shall I prefer LL-41 over other competitive log lathes?

Please take in consideration following arguments:

  1. In the developed countries where wages are higher the time spent for milling logs is crucial as more time the log milling takes less profitable is the business
  2. The cost of the machine is also part of "the profitability equation"log lathe LL-41
  3. Any log lathe intended to produce house logs is 5-10 times slower than a log through-pass types of profiles (for instance, please, review Woodlandia RLM machines) so if one chosses to buy a log lathe then the question would be:: "what are criuterias to choose the log lathe?" We see that the criteriias are:
    • capabilities
    • speed (throughput)
    • price
    • reliability
    • expandability 
  4. Woodlandia LL-41 is capable to be same effective (and sometimes even more effective and capable) than more expensive and sophisticated competitive log lathe machines
  5. Woodlandia LL-41 throughput is about 1 20ft (6m) long log every 30 minutes (if the manufactiring process is organized effectively) what is an everage speed of any log lathe milling long logs with the Swedish cope and notches. 
  6. The LL-1 log turning machine is priced econimically so it make the machine affordable even for a startup business
  7. Woodlandia LL-41 log milling machine is proven, robust solution working for over 8 years in different countries (Canada, USA, Russia, Australia, New Zeland, UK, Austria, Romania, Czech Republic). 
  8. Woodlandia suppplies bunch of other machines (see Woodlandia RoundMaster line) which can increase th eproductivity of the house logs on 50-100%. These are:
  • Log notching machines (so notching as time expensive operation can be done on different station in parallel with log turing process). Such concept is calld LL-41B (bundle) and is descibed in this chapter (please click here to review).
  • Log cros-cut machine (to trim log butts and tips) 
  • Log mortising machine (to mill slots in log ends for openings or/and log lengthwise interconenction)

About productivity of LL-41

Lathe output depends on following:

  • skills of the operatorRound dowel range
  • the stem species 
  • the season (winter/summer)
  • moisture content of stems
  • knives sharpening 
  • infrastructure and the production process organization

In average during 8-hours work shift by 1 operator and 1 helper, 12-15 peices of 20ft (6m) long logs can be truned into house logs with diameter 12" (300mm) + Swedish cope groove + kerfing saw-cut + 2 round notches
The helper is needed to delivering logs to/from the lathe and clean up the wood waste around the station if necessary). This can be "converted" that an average of 4-5 days would be required to process logs for a basic 16x16 feet log cabin shell.

Proper logistic and infrasructure will increase productivity of LL-41. Woodlandia recommends using automative wood waste conveyor (under the lathe) and power equipment such us forklift or overhead crain in order to handle heavy long logs. Some our clients report that they can produce up to 20 logs per workshift. For better productivity, please consider:

  • Using dedicated notching machine NM-1 or NM-5. In this case time-consuming notching operations can be made in parallel by other persone while LL-41 mills round logs with Swedish cope. 
  • LL-41 in conjunction with the RoundMaster line: such solution will increase the productivity and flexibility of the manufacturing. The LL-41 + RoundMaster line can produce log works for about 15-20 $/sq foot (160-200 $/m²) or less if manufacturing is well organized. The labor cost is about 50-70% of total cost therefore in areas or countries where labor is cheaper than $30/h, final price will be proportionally less than $15/sq foot...
  • Using Woodlandia RLM log molder and dedicated notching machine. Cost of RLM machines vary from 80 to 160 thousand dollars depending on the model, however the productivity of RLM log moulder is 10-20 times higher than productivity of LL-41. Woodlandia RLM log moulders can produce house logs of different profiles each 1-3 minutes. To review information about Woodlandia log moulders for log home builders click here.


The LL-41 consists of a modular frame, head stock, tail stocks and moving carriage.
Tail stock is movable along the frame to accommodate the length of the log to be processed. The stock has a pike where the log top or butt is fixed to. Tail stock pike is motorized allowing the extension of the pike up to 1 ft (30cm). 

Woodlandia Log LatheThe head stock has another pike which is fixed to the frame. This pike (axle) is driven (via gear box) by an electric motor that provides the turning of a log. The moving carriage of LL-41 travels forward and back along the base frame driven by an electrical motor and chain gear. The moving carriage has 2 mills: vertical and horizontal.

Horizontal mill is intended for:

  • debarking
  • removing of thick layer of wood
  • milling of lateral groove (Swedish Cope)

Vertical mill is intended for:

  • finishing of a log surface
  • milling of round notches
  • flattaning (planing) the surface

The log lathe is controlled manually by the operator via buttons on the control panel.


LL-41 Setup & Installation 

Please note: LL-41 machine is delivered as a LOG LATHE KIT. The assembling is required at owner's site (assembling manual is provided). 
The log lathe can be operated indoor as well as outdoor under a shed or awning. For proper operation the machine requires a solid base which the lathe’s frame can be bolted or welded to. The frame should be properly leveled and aligned in order to avoid shape deformations during the turning. All components of the lathe are heavy therefore forklift or small size crane should be used for moving and handling of components of the machine during setup.

Click on a picture to enlarge it...

LL-41 in SK Mobile Log Lathe (pic 1)
48 ft long LL-41 LL-41 in Australia LL_41 on a trailer (LO)
LL-41 in UK (AF) Log Lathe LL-41 on a trailer (LD)



Click here to overview Woodlandia Log Lathe video on YouTube.

Power requirements

Woodlandia ships two variants of the log lathe:

  • LL-41K with all motors powered by 3 phases, 480V, 60Hz electricity
  • LL-41KE with motors for 3 phases, 380V, 50Hz 

Optionally the lathe can be supplied with proper diesel generator to satisfy customers in remote areas or where 3 phase electricity is not available. A minimum 25KW generator is required to power the LL-41. However we suggest you look at 30KW-40KW generator because bigger generator can consume less diesel fuel to generate enough power for LL-41 (this statement should be evaluated by yourself by looking into particular generator's fuel consumption data). You can look for used or new generator at:

  • local manufacturer
  • local liquidation auction



Technical specification for log lathe LL-41

Swedish Cope logs

Physical characteristics

Length: 33 feet  (10 m)
Width:   5 feet (1.5 m)
Height:  7 feet ( 2.1 m)
Weight: 4080 pounds (1850 kg)

Environment: from -10 to +40 degrees Celsius.


Power requirements

  • LL-41K: 3 phases, 460V, 60Hz
  • LL-41KE: 30A, 3 phases, 380V, 50Hz


Row material and product

  • Min log length:  18 inches (380mm)
    Specification can be changed without notification to  improve capabilities
  • Max log length: 26½ feet (8100 mm)
  • Output dowel (cylindrical log): 6-18" (150 - 460 mm)


Logs for log constructions (logs with Swedich Cope): 

in/max diameter, inches diameter, mm note
Min input log diameter: 7 180 recommended minimum input diameter of a stem top
Max input log diameter: 19 500 recommended maximum input diameter of a stem butt; no more than specified number, including remainings of branches
Min output log diameter: 6 150 it is possible to turn log with less diameter however extra care during the work should be taken
Max output log diameter: 12½
(round dowel up to 18")
(round dowel up to 460)
it is possible to make just cylindrical logs with diameter up to 18 inches (460mm)



Please download & review following document describing tooling (cutter heads and knives) for the LL-41.

  LL-41 Knives & Cutter Heads


Technical data  

Carriage speed

Horizontal carriage speed
0 to 13
0 to 4
Vertical carriage speed
0 to 13
0 to 4
Tail stock pike extending speed

Electric motors

component frequency, rotations/min power rating note
Rough (cope) cutter 3520 19A, 11KW (14.74 HP)  
Fine (notch) cutter 3480 5.8A, 3KW (4.02 HP)  
Kerfing saw 3480 2A, 1.1KW (1.48 HP)  
Carriage (moving) 1650 0.7A, 0.25KW (0.34 HP) rotation frequency can be adjusted via control panel
carriage (lifting fine cutter) 1625 0.66A, 0.18KW (0.24 HP) rotation frequency can be adjusted via control panel
Head stock (log rotation) 1480 5.8A, 3KW (4.02 HP) resulting rotation frequency can be adjusted gradually, manually changing, 32, 42 or 50 rotations per minute
Tail stock motor 1650 0.7A, 0.25KW (0.34 HP) extending/decreasingrotation log holding pike



Details regarding pricing, buying conditions and terms, warranty and delivery

  • Please inquire for our price lists ( click here )
  • World-wide: 50% with the order, 50% before shipping.
  • We accept: USD, CAD, EURO
  • For delivery quotation contact us please inquire (postal or ZIP code of a destination is required).
  • Please allow 60-90 days for manufacturing and delivery
  • Limited warranty (parts only) covering bearings, electrical components, motors is provided..USA & Canada: 1 year, world-wide; 6 months.
  • CSA/ULC/CE certification is not availablle
  • For leasing information please click here
  • Installation and setup on customer side are optional and cost $1500 + travel expenses.
  • LL-41K is provided with 1 year limited (parts only) warranty
  • Since machine has many rotating parts and requires high voltage power, the usage of the machine can be dangerous and hazardous if operating or assembling without proper knowledge, consciousness and awareness. Therefore we require each client to sign release of liabilities form to eliminate possible legal issues due to owner's improper installation or usage.