Log Lathe
House Log Milling Machine
for Logs up to 27"

What is LL-700?

LL-700 is a Multi-functional (3 functions in 1 unit) Log Lathe able to mill raw logs with max diameter 27" (700mm) into house logs.

What can LL-700 do?

3 functions in 1 unit:

What is so special about LL-700?

LL-700 has 2 independent cutters for rough turning and 1 cutter for finishing turning, which can work simultaneously. Therefore in 1 pass LL-700 can remove much more fiber than other Log Lathes. This allows effective milling of irregularly shaped logs and logs with big butt flares.
In all other aspects LL-700 is similar to LL-41.600 except that 700 hundred model cannot mill Round Notches.
FYI: Woodlandia offers dedicated Log Notcher to mill Round Notches in logs. Dedicated Notching Machine can allow few simultaneous operations on logs, that can increase overall productivity of a log home manufacturing business on 10-50%.

Who is LL-700 for?

LL-700 is positioned for:

If you are individual builder or hobbyist, please consider LL-123.
If you are business milling 3-12 log home kits per year, please consider LL-41.600.
If your business makes more than 10 log homes/year, please consider RLM-series log molders.