LogRipper - 300
One Pass & Done Multi-Functional Sawmill
for 5-15" logs

LogRipper-300 is first in its class One Pass & Done saw-milling system
with profiling capabilities.
Design started: 2021.  Released: 2023.
We aim it to be a REVOLUTION in the small saw-milling industry,
helping small & medium size businesses
achieve higher levels of  productivity & profitability.

What is LogRipper-300?
One of a kind Next Generation Scragg-mill. "The King" of Woodlandia's One Pass & Done Multi functional Sawmills.

What are LogRipper-300 Benefits?
One Pass & Done. Multi-functional. Less waste. More yield. Simple to operate. Heavy Duty.

Who may benefit from LogRipper-300?
Existing Sawmilling Business looking for ways to grow.
Logging Business looking for ways to enter a Sawmilling business.  


What product LogRipper-300 can mill?
Lumber, Cants, certain T&G and Ship-lap Boards (min length = 6.5ft)

LogRipper-300 experimental T&G. Mar-2024
The video is coming soon!

What is Multi-Functional?
Use 1 machine for 3 different modes of operation:
1. Sawmilling, 2. Rip-sawing,  3. Slab Lumber Recovery

LogRipper Milling Modes

What is Profiling?
The ability to shape log on the fly and
optimize the yield (increase profit).

Note: the Profiling Tooling is optional. Custom profiling tooling can be ordered. 

One of 1st LogRipper-300 test runs. Dec-2023

How fast is LogRipper-300?
We measure the speed in linear ft per min.
It seems realistic, milling 1-4 ten-footers per min (depending on log diameters ).  

Performance test video Feb-2024

What LogRipper-300 includes?
Everything for prompt business start.

Each LogRipper-300 system comes with:

Requires: ~3 phase 460V/60Hz or 380V/50Hz

Generic 3D view

Extra Options for LogRipper-300?
Optional Log Feeding System LFS-15 is highly recommended for higher effectiveness.
Tooling for profiling is optional.

LFS-15 allows: 

Custom Profiling Tooling is optional. 

2023 video

LogRipper-300 vs LogRipper-200XP?
5-15" vs 3-11"   (125-380mm vs 80-280mm).
300 can profile, 200XP can't. Both can eliminate slabs.

300 & 200XP are from different
streams of LogRippers