One Pass & Done
Log Rip-sawing Machines

What is LTPS?

LTPS (Log Through Pass Sawmill) is a family of saw-milling machines intended for processing small diameter logs into dimensional lumber (without slabs) in one pass. The machines combine few milling spindles for profiling and sawing spindle for rip-sawing of profiled work-piece. There are few LTPS models available:

What are Benefits of LTPS?

What is productivity of LTPS?

One should expect 5-20 thousand BFM of milled products per work-shift.
Please, note: in general the productivity is a function of several componets: 

For example, LTPS-150XP can mill logs with speed  19-50 ft/min (6-16 m/min). But milling 6" dia logs will produce less BFM than milling of 9" dia logs, though the feeding speed can be not much different. 

Who may need LTPS?

LTPS -machines are efficient solution for small & medium size businesses:

What are cons of LTPS?