LL - 41.600
Log Lathe
Advanced Multi-Functional
House Log Milling Machine

What is LL-41.600?

LL-41.600 is Log Lathe, a Multi-functional (4 functions in 1 unit) machine able to mill raw logs with max diameter 23.5" (600mm) into nice finished house logs suitable for assembling a log structure (log works).

What can LL-41.600 do?

4 functions in 1 unit:

Why LL-41.600 is superior than other Log Lathes?

In comparison to LL-41 of 2008 design the LL-41.600 has number of improvements: 

Who is LL-41.600 for?

LL-41.600 is positioned for:

If you are individual builder or hobbyist, please consider LL-123.

If your business makes more than 10 log homes/year, please consider RLM-series log molders.