Log Lathe
House Log Milling Machine
for Logs up to 16"

What is LL-123?

LL-123 is a an economical Multi-functional (3 functions in 1 unit) semi-automatic Log Lathe able to mill raw logs with max diameter 16" (410mm) into house logs, which are ready for assembling.

What can LL-123 do?

LL-123 is a machine combining 3 functions in 1 unit:
1. Mill round dowels with diameters in a range 6-14",  and length up to 26 ft;
2. Mill lateral grove (Swedish Cope) up to 5" (130mm) wide;
3. Mill Round Notch in a range 6.5-10" (160-260mm);

The mill can remove up to 4" of the wood fiber per radius.
All operations are made sequentially by one specially designed cutter-head.

Who is LL-123 for?

LL-123 is positioned for:

If you are business milling 3-12 log home kits per year, please consider LL-41.600.
If your business makes more than 10 log homes/year, please consider RLM-series log molders.