RLM - Machines
One Pass & Done
Rotary Log Molders

What are RLM-series Log Mills?

RLM-machine is One Pass & Done, Multi-Functional sawmill able to work as: Log Molder, Rounder, Profiler, Ripsaw.

What Products can RLM mill?

RLM-machine can mill broad range of products in one pass. The product profile depends on installed Tooling.
With the proper Tooling one can mill on RLM: dimensional & custom lumber, squared timbers, round dowels (posts, poles), fencing elements, siding, log home materials.

Why RLM?

RLM machine schematics (RLM-320MF)

Who may need RLM?

RLM-machines are positioned for small & medium size saw-milling businesses who:

What models of RLM are available?

We offer several models of RLM-machines:

What are limitations RLM-machines?

It is important to know in prior the following facts about RLM-machines:

Here are few more pictures of RLM-machines...