LogRipper - 200XP
One Pass & Done Multi-Functional Sawmill for 3-11" logs

LogRipper-200XP is compact & mighty
Multi-functional Sawmill evolved from "2023" Iteration of One-Pass-&-Done LogRipper-200 Family, including:
LogRipper-200X (2021),
LogRipper-200 (2018),
LogRipper-160 (2017)

XP stands for eXtra Power!
More powerful milling motors result in faster throughput.

What about productivity of LogRipper-200XP?
Our clients report, they can mill 12,000 board ft (28 cubic meters) per work shift

What LogRipper-200XP can do?
Milling finished products in 1 pass + eliminate side slabs.
It is Multi-Functional = 3 Modes of Operation.

One Pass & Done Sawmill mills green or dry, barked or debarked input material into finished products: dimensional or custom size lumber or pallet stock.

What LogRipper-200XP can mill?
Boards: from ⅜ x 2" (from 10x50mm)
Cants:  from 2 x 2" to 6¼ x 8” 
(from 50x50 to 160x204mm)

eXtra Benefits?
The operator can adjust the width between the cutters on the fly from log to log.

What LogRipper-200XP system includes?
Everything for prompt business start .
Install on a proper foundation, connect to the power and start milling logs.

Each LogRipper-200XP systems comes with:

Requires ~3 phase 460V/60Hz or 380V/50Hz.

eXtra Equipment?
Optional Log Feeding System "LFS-15" is available
Optional Log Cross Cut System is available

LFS-15 allows:

The Log X-Cut System is intended to trim or cut logs to a size before feeding them into a LogRipper

milling ash tree shorters

One person milling logs on Logripper-200XP

Logripper-200XP can mill oak

Older model Logripper-200
milling pallet stock

An example of boards recovery from slabs on Logripper-200XP

Older Logripper-200X performance

1st work day of Logripper-200XP

Older model Logripper-200

Older model Logripper-200
milling min & max short logs